Please Read the Following Steps carefully.
Steps to Follow for New Connection

1st Step: Check Our Coverage Area

WISS is currently Limited to specific areas of Islamabad only, if you are outside Islamabad You may not be able to use our services except PtP (in case of Corporate company we offer ptp services around Islamabad/Rawalpindi). Our coverage area includes:

  • Sector F-12
  • Sector G-12
  • Sector F-13
  • Sector E-12
  • Sector E-13
  • Sector G-13
  • Sector G-11
  • Golra Sharif
  • Golra Service Road
  • Golra Railway Station
  • Johad Road
  • Behkar Fateh Bakhsh
  • Wahab Town E-14
  • Qureshi Town
  • Zain Town
  • Darek Mori
  • Kali Matti

2nd Step: Checking the Signal Strength

Apart from coverage area, we have to check our signal strength as well. This is done by visiting your premises with our technical team, The team will decide whether the connection is feasible or not. This visit is free of cost so you can call us any time.

3rd Step: Choosing the Right Package

WISS Offers a wide range of Limited and Unlimited, Residential and Corporate Packages according to the needs of clients, you can select the package as per your requirement. The Installation charges are mentioned in the package detail. Some packages offer free first month bill.

Step 4: Understand the Company's Policy

Understand the Payment and Connection Policy of the company clearly. You may ask for any query to the technical team or sales team. Main Points include: 1. The Outdoor CPE (LiteBeam M5, PowerBeam M5) is the property of WISS. You in no case has its owner rights. You can use it till that you are the WISS Customer.
2. The WISS has prepaid payment system, It means you pay your monthly bill in advance.
3. The Packages can be upgraded/downgraded at any time by paying extra charges that apply on both monthly/installation bill.
4. WISS doesn't takes any payment on account of security fee, So there is not refundable amount on closing of the connection.
5. In case of not paying the bill for more than a month, the WISS team will takeback its outdoor device from your end And Next time you will have to pay again the Connection Fee.
6. Complaints will be solved with in 12 hours from the reported time.
7. Our Invoice System is online, so we don't provide any paper based invoice, however you can download the invoice from your WISS online portal.
8. We don't deduct any Tax from our customers, so we don't give tax invoice at the moment.

Step 5: Required Documents

We require following documents for new connection:
Scanned Front and Backside of Original CNIC
Photocopy of CNIC
Residential Proof (Electricity Bill, Rental Agreement or Registry)
Your Sign on our Agreement Form and acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

Step 6: Call Us For Installation

Did you understand all the points above?
Are you agree to our policies?
If Yes Call us for applying your connection now: